Townhouse fundraising website

First of all, thank you to everyone who has contacted us privately and commented publicly showing support for Townhouse; it means so much and spurs us on!

So, a funding update…the £40 million that was released to Merseyside to support the hospitality industry through Tier 3 restrictions doesn’t apply to us. To say that I am fuming is an understatement. Other businesses are being shafted too and even those who are eligible, are not getting a lot! Basically, the funding is only applicable to those businesses who fully opened for trade after the initial lockdown and were then forced to close again as they are in Tier 3. It doesn’t apply to businesses who did not fully open again, like ourselves. It also excludes night clubs and adult industry businesses. There are loads of boxes to tick to state which industry you belong to and I was shocked to see night clubs and SEV’s were excluded. I just don’t understand why night clubs and the adult industry are being so badly treated! We have been specifically told that we cannot re-open, yet there is no financial help. We pay our taxes like any other business, yet when we need help, we are not worthy.

I’m hoping that there will be other funding to support self employed people in general as we all seem to have been left to flounder.

In response to the many messages from members and supporters, I have set up a funding website whereby people can make one off donations or regular donations direct to the club. All of the money will go to the Townhouse overheads fund.

Here is the link and feel free to share it if you wish 

If you know me, you know that I am usually too proud to ask for help, especially financial help as I have always been independent and worked hard for everything I’ve achieved, but we have now hit that point where the club is bigger than my pride and it simply cannot be filed into history. The club needs you, just like you needed it when you wanted to express yourselves freely and experiment your kinks in safety. 15 years Townhouse has been my home, my social network, my escapism, my guilty pleasure and my passion. I know it’s been so many things to all of you and it is nothing without it’s members. Let’s not allow a virus to take it away from us.

Much love
Vic and Jim xxx

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