Saturday 28th Feb is our BIG MARDI GRAS MASQUERADE PARTY! If Valentines is anything to go by, we highly recommend that you arrive before 10pm to guarantee entry or better still, purchase advance tickets HERE.

So what’s this Mardi Gras party all about?

February in New Orleans means MARDI GRAS!! A festival of colour, fun, flirty frolix and the adult undertone of Bourbon Street. Townhouse will be celebrating Mardi Gras in our own ‘special’ way and we invite you to join us! The club will be decorated in the traditional Green, Purple and Gold carnival colours, heady music will be playing, our DJ will be pumping the sounds from our lounge for those who fancy a dance, delicious food will be laid out for you to indulge and traditional garlands and beads will be provided for you to enjoy.

In Bourbon street, women ‘flash’ for beads and favours; they boast a neck full of beads, advertising their promiscuity! Fancy the challenge of who can collect the most beads? There will be drinks in it! lol Why not dress for the occasion in carnival colours and clothes, but if you don’t fancy going to those extremes, then wear a mask for ultimate mystery and seduction! Overnight stays are available as usual but we anticipate these going quickly, so it’s best to book early!

Townhouse over Christmas and New Year! Party, party, party!!!!

We love Christmas and New Year at Christmas!! We have 4 parties to look forward to starting tonight, 19th Dec!!

Tonight is our Fetish Christmas party and we are expecting around 100 people! Our kinksters know how to let their hair down and they will be enjoying special Christmas spanks, red bottoms to go with the red hats and some tie and tease…Townhouse style! We will have sweet treats on the bar, a welcome glass of punch, a chocolate fountain, Christmas gifts and a special surprise! We have just one room left for overnight stays, so get in touch if interested.

Saturday 20th is our Big Swinging Christmas Party and our resident DJ will be enticing you to the dancefloor! Wear something red to get into the Christmas spirit…even if it’s a pair of red knickers! lol We are offering a scrummy buffet, sweet treats, our choccy fountain, Christmas punch, free raffle prizes and if you fancy a sing, then the DJ will be inviting you up to sing for a short time, so you can wow the crowds with your dulcit tones! We are expecting this event to be chocca, so we advise that you arrive early!

Saturday 27th is our well known New Years Eve warm up party! It is a much needed respite from the Christmas madness and a chance to let you hair down (and other things) as a lot of you will be off work the next day. Again, our DJ will be with, we will have food a special free raffle and we have a couple of overnight stays available. This is a great party and a good way to get your ‘fix’ if you can’t make it for New Years Eve.

Weds 31st NEW YEARS EVE!! The biggest party of the year and always a capacity crowd! No advance booking needed, just arrive early! Once we are up to capacity we will close the doors and for the past couple of years, this has been by 11pm, so the earlier the better! Our DJ will be helping us bring in 2015 in style, the club will be decorated in special NYE glitz, we will have a yummy buffet, lots of treats, party poppers, fireworks (weather permitting), bubbly at midnight, chocolate fountain and some very special prizes in our FREE raffle! All this for £25 per couple, £5 for ladies and £30 for guys. We are fully booked for overnight stays now I’m afraid. We cannot accept loyalty cards for entry on this event due to the very high costs, sorry xx

So come along to Townhouse for the biggest parties, the sexiest guests and the best value for money with lots of extras!!

See you there!!


1920’s Speakeasy/Great Gatsby Swinging Party 29th Nov 2014

This is a VERY exciting party for our swingers! We ran the event for our Fetish members earlier in the year and it was phenomenal so we thought we’d treat our swinging members to something a bit different.

If you don’t know what a speakeasy is, then let me set the scene for you.

1920’s America during Prohibition…the consumption and sale of alcohol was illegal, yet their we secret soirees going on everywhere and people would sneak to a Speakeasy for their fix of alcohol and entertainment. The Speakeasy’s were held in unmarked buildings, a password would often be required to gain entry and the interior was poorly lit with low music to avoid attracting attention.

On 29th Nov, Townhouse will be transported back in time with lush surroundings, low lights, 1920’s jazz playing, lush food, bath tub gin and a wonderful live Jazz/blues singer entertaining you before you head upstairs. Dress to impress and why not add a bit of 1920’s style to your outfit? Feathers, beads, pearls, fedoras, braces and tommy guns could accessorise your outfit or you could go all out and wear a flapper dress or pin stripe ganster suit!

A password is required to gain entry and you will be frisked by our doormen for weapons of ass destruction! Your password is Duke Ellington.

See you there!! xx

October was certainly a month of PARTIES!!! Here’s what November has in store!

WoW….Now that’s how you party guys!!!
October is known as the party month at Townhouse as we have so many great events that are very well attended….we love Halloween and managed to spread it out over 4 events this year! Hehe
So you are no reading reams of notes, I will keep it short for you! On the whole, Wednesday nights in October we busy and horny!!! A great night for guys, girls and couples….and it’s a cheap night!
Our kinky karaoke on the 2nd Oct was amazing!! You guys have so much talent! The DJ couldn’t keep up with all of your requests and even he said you were a very talented bunch! We are going to make this a regular event after Christmas on 1 Thursday evening during the month….details to follow.
All of our Saturdays were chocca with the Irish night in particular bringing in a busy crowd up for the ‘craic’ ! Our big Halloween party in particular was, as expected, up to capacity and your costumes were brilliant!! It was a night of wicked debauchery with play in every corner of the club!! You filthy lot! ,-) ha!
The Friday Rocky Horror night was FrankenFabulous! Think we danced the Time Warp a record number of times!! Our Day of the Dead party was another capacity night and you all embraced Halloween, Mexican style! Our fetish, trans and swinging members all got together for the party and WHAT A NIGHT!! Thanks all for making it a really memorable night 
Our MILF Monday on 3rd Nov was MASSIVE!! 130 people descended at 10.30 in the morning for daytime filth and my goodness….you went nuts!! You were a horny bunch and it was contagious!! Our next event is 1st Dec @ 10.30am and you MUST be on our guestlist to come along, so please contact us. For more info on the event, the next blog down tells you all about it 
November promises to be an exciting month with some fun events! Our Saturdays have some great themes this month…8th Nov is our 1980’s swinging revival night…vol au vent anyone? Don’t forget your leg warmers!! 15th Nov is our International night – PORN IN THE USA!!! The club will be going all Stars and Stripes, with American rock music and snacks of the bar. If you fancy dressing up, then why not embrace the American way and come as a sheriff, a red Indian, a cheerleader, a bunnygirl or even Dirk Diggler…perform like a porn star! Lol Can’t wait for this and we are off work! whoop!
Saturday 22nd Nov is a brand new night for those who work for our emergency services and those who love ‘em!! If you are in the police, ambulance service or Fire service, then show your ID and we will give you a money off voucher to use on a later visit  Just to say thanks for looking after our safety. If you fancy dressing up, then go for it!!! We all love uniforms so indulge!!
Friday 14th is our COUPLES ONLY Party and to get the party started we will be welcoming you in with a glass of bubbly, strawberries, cream and choccies! 
Calling all Lesbian and Bi Females!!! Indulgence @ Townhouse is our new ALL FEMALE event on 13th Nov from 6pm until 1.30am. It is a GUESTLIST ONLY event and you will need to contact me to get an invite and go on the list. We are offering manicures/pedicures, indian head massage, Reiki, bubbly and we even have a chocolate fountain! We also have a medium/tarot reader with us! This is not just a play event. Some ladies will be coming along just to socialise as there are no other events like this in the Liverpool and Wirral area. So please don’t feel like you must play if you come along…it really isn’t about that. It’s about like minded females getting together to indulge is some ‘me’ time and to make new friends….if you want to play though, you can It is just £10 per person and all of the above is included in your price, except for the medium….we are subsidising this and asking you to pay half of her fee, so if you want a reading, you would need to pay an extra £13 and book in on the night to go on her list.We really can’t wait for this and we already have a long list of confirmed names! Care to join us?
Feel left out guys?! Then are hosting their 2nd ALL MALE night on 23rd Nov!! It was chocca block in Oct with over 75 guys and it was one hell of a night! Check out their website for details and to book tickets.
The event that we have all been waiting for is also coming up at the end of November. We are holding a 1920’s Prohibition Speakeasy event on 29th Nov and it is going to be awesome!!! You will need a password to get through the gates, which is ‘Duke Ellington’…this will tell us the you are a swinger and not the Prohibition Police! You will be frisked on the door for weapons of ‘ass destruction’ by our doormen who will then welcome you into our ‘SECRET SOIREE’! The lounges will be candlelit to avoid attracting attention outside, 1920’s jazz will be playing in the bar and a Live Jazz Singer will be singing in the lounge!!! Bath tub gin will be available on the house (our own recipe), a scrummy buffet will be available and silent movies will be playing on the TV’s. This is an evening of 1920’s glamour and if you fancy dressing for the occasion (not compulsory) then you could be a gangster, flapper, moll, a bootlegger….you could simply accessorise with feather boas, pearls, spats, feather hair decorations, tassles and hats. I am sure the class act will be dropped once you get up to the playrooms though!!!  All of this for the same great price and we are offering overnight stays if you want to make a night of it!! We tested this event out on our fetish crowd and it was one of the best events of the year so far, so we can’t wait for our swinging members to enjoy this unique event!
A bit of a heads up…It is Jim’s birthday in December and we are having a BIG PARTY on 6th December. Our DJ will be with us, there will be lots of cake and a fabulous buffet! He is sharing his birthday with lots of other members, so this is going to be a great night!

Before I sign off, we are very proud to announce that we are once again official sponsors of Swingfields!!!! Their festival in 2015 is being held in July and tickets are on sale now!! Swingfields won Best European Lifestyle event this year and it was truly well deserved…we are already looking forward to the 2015 event!
Keep checking back at the blog for the latest news and info…why not ‘follow us’ by clicking the box on the bottom right hand corner; you will be notified by email when a new blog entry has been posted.
Work is continuing on our refurb and our changing rooms are going through a facelift and our Couples room is next on our ‘to do’ list  Everyone is talking about the changes at Townhouse and we are so proud of what we have achieved so far, but we couldn’t have done it without your support, so thank you….everybody xxx
Much love
Vicky and Jim xxxx

MILF Mondays – stuff you should know!

So we had our first MILF Monday event on 29th Sept and it was a rip roaring success! We welcomed exactly 100 people to the event with a mix of couples, single ladies/greedy girls and single guys. It was a well organised event and everyone had a great day.

We are now going to run these events on the 1st Monday of every month from 10.30am – 3.30pm. The next event is 3rd Nov and then 1st Dec.

I get lots of questions about these events, so I have put this blog together to help answer your questions and give you some useful information which you will need to know on the day.

MILF Monday has been started due to the amount of ladies who cannot attend evening events and needed a horny day of fun while the sprogs were at school. We found there was a huge demand for such an event and 31 ladies attended our first event!!! lol

This is a guestlist only event. If you are not on the list, you cannot attend as we need to monitor numbers, so contact us to go on the list  The event is open to non members as well as members and you will need to bring in your membership card or ID if you are not a member. The ID that we accept is a Photo Driving Licence or Passport and utility bill. We basically need to confirm your name and address. Your details are not kept, we just take them down on the day on a reception list and the list is destroyed at the end of the day. Nothing is sent to your address and you will not be contacted after the event unless you contact us first.

Dress code: Well this is a little relaxed with it being a daytime event but we still won’t admit people in hoodies, tracksuits, trainers and dirty workwear.

Entry: This is £10 per guy/girl/couple. You will need to bring £5 deposit for your locker key/bar tab.

Condom and Towels: We hand out free condoms and lube. We have a variety of condoms including King Size and Latex free. We can issue towels at a charge of £1.00 hire. You may bring your own though and you are responsible for it.

Dress Down: We are not an immediate ‘dress down’ club. Downstairs in the social areas, you can wear what you want, when you want to. If you want to go and play upstairs or watch play, then we ask you to dress down. For guys this is a towel, boxers, shorts. For ladies this is towel, lingerie, wrap, bra and briefs, playsuit…choice is yours!


We had someone on the gates directing your parking last time as there was so many of you! lol The best place to park is on the Campbeltown Road CH42 9HP. Look for the John Moores building and surrounding car parks. It’s a free car parking area and away from any major traffic, residents etc… Our usual car park, Bookers Wholesale just gets too busy in the day and the residents in the surrounding area get pissed off when there are dozens of cars; some of you last time parked in front of driveways which is just not on, so could you please park at the above location. It is literally over the road from the club and the walk is 200 yards. Your car will be safe, you won’t be causing an obstruction and there are no yellow lines. If you are unsure of the area, we will again have somebody on the gate to direct you.

Mobility around the building: Our venue covers 4 floors via stairs; we do not have a lift. The building is accessible by wheelchair and we have accessible toilets on the groudfloor. However, the layout of the playareas on the 1st and 2nd floor, makes our club difficult for people who use a wheelchair as there is no means of transporting a wheelchair up the stairs. There are no playareas on the groundfloor, although some people do actually play on the groundfloor! lol

Kinky Murder Mystery @ Townhouse

`On the 22nd & 29th August we are inviting After Dark Murder Mystery theatre company to the club to bring us 2 amazing investigations and murders to solve!!

The first is an Allo Allo themed event and we encourage you to dress for the occasion is you wish! Are you Rene, a German officer, the ‘resistance’, RAF airmen, French maid or the fallen Madonna with the big boobies? If you don’t fancy going to whole hog, then you could simply wear a beret, a string of onions around your neck or a little moustache 🙂 You will witness a murder, then guided by a lead investigator, you will search the club and find suspects to question and as a group solve the mystery. We will allocate you into groups or you can form your own, it’s up to you. The winning teams will receive a prize 🙂 A light buffet will be provided as well as a complimentory cocktail.

The second event is a Pirates of the Caribbean themed murder! So again, if you fancy dressing up, you could be Captain jack himself, Davy Jones, a sexy temptess pirate, skull and or crossbones (lol)  or even take pirate inspiration from elsewhere and come along as Captain Hook, Mol Flanders or a Mermaid? 🙂 If you don’t fancy a full costume, then you could wear an eye patch, a parrot on your shoulder or a skull and crossbones bandana/scarf. Again our lead investigator will help you solve a horrible murder mystery by finding suspects. We will have a ‘treasure’ hunt, treats on the tables, a light buffet and a complimentory cocktail.

The events will run from 7.30pm until around 11pm and then afterwards you can go and enjoy the club as usual until 3am!!

All of this for £20 per person! You need to book in advance so please email me at to reserve your place. Places are limited to ensure a comfortable event for all. Dressing up really isn’t compulsory for these events, so please don’t let that put you off!

Hope to see you there!


It’s party yet again…these months are flying by!!

This month is our Angels and Demons party…our 2 main lounges will be transformed into Heaven and Hell with devilish delights on offer! Our DJ will be with us and overnight stays are available. You don’t have to dress up, so don’t be fretting over costumes!! If you want to be in keeping with the theme, you could just wear something Black, White or Red?

It’s going to be awesome…care to join us?