Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Merry Christmas to all of our members and friends!

Hope you are having a kinky crimbo but if you need some encouragement, join us on 27th Dec for our New Years Eve warm up party…that should get your love juices flowing!!! hahaha 😉 See our previous blog for more info.

If you can’t join us for our December festivities, then we will look forward to welcoming you back in 2015.

Thank you for your support and choosing Townhouse for your kink fix

Vic and Jim xx

MILF Mondays – stuff you should know!

So we had our first MILF Monday event on 29th Sept and it was a rip roaring success! We welcomed exactly 100 people to the event with a mix of couples, single ladies/greedy girls and single guys. It was a well organised event and everyone had a great day.

We are now going to run these events on the 1st Monday of every month from 10.30am – 3.30pm. The next event is 3rd Nov and then 1st Dec.

I get lots of questions about these events, so I have put this blog together to help answer your questions and give you some useful information which you will need to know on the day.

MILF Monday has been started due to the amount of ladies who cannot attend evening events and needed a horny day of fun while the sprogs were at school. We found there was a huge demand for such an event and 31 ladies attended our first event!!! lol

This is a guestlist only event. If you are not on the list, you cannot attend as we need to monitor numbers, so contact us to go on the list  The event is open to non members as well as members and you will need to bring in your membership card or ID if you are not a member. The ID that we accept is a Photo Driving Licence or Passport and utility bill. We basically need to confirm your name and address. Your details are not kept, we just take them down on the day on a reception list and the list is destroyed at the end of the day. Nothing is sent to your address and you will not be contacted after the event unless you contact us first.

Dress code: Well this is a little relaxed with it being a daytime event but we still won’t admit people in hoodies, tracksuits, trainers and dirty workwear.

Entry: This is £10 per guy/girl/couple. You will need to bring £5 deposit for your locker key/bar tab.

Condom and Towels: We hand out free condoms and lube. We have a variety of condoms including King Size and Latex free. We can issue towels at a charge of £1.00 hire. You may bring your own though and you are responsible for it.

Dress Down: We are not an immediate ‘dress down’ club. Downstairs in the social areas, you can wear what you want, when you want to. If you want to go and play upstairs or watch play, then we ask you to dress down. For guys this is a towel, boxers, shorts. For ladies this is towel, lingerie, wrap, bra and briefs, playsuit…choice is yours!


We had someone on the gates directing your parking last time as there was so many of you! lol The best place to park is on the Campbeltown Road CH42 9HP. Look for the John Moores building and surrounding car parks. It’s a free car parking area and away from any major traffic, residents etc… Our usual car park, Bookers Wholesale just gets too busy in the day and the residents in the surrounding area get pissed off when there are dozens of cars; some of you last time parked in front of driveways which is just not on, so could you please park at the above location. It is literally over the road from the club and the walk is 200 yards. Your car will be safe, you won’t be causing an obstruction and there are no yellow lines. If you are unsure of the area, we will again have somebody on the gate to direct you.

Mobility around the building: Our venue covers 4 floors via stairs; we do not have a lift. The building is accessible by wheelchair and we have accessible toilets on the groudfloor. However, the layout of the playareas on the 1st and 2nd floor, makes our club difficult for people who use a wheelchair as there is no means of transporting a wheelchair up the stairs. There are no playareas on the groundfloor, although some people do actually play on the groundfloor! lol

September Newsletter!

September newsletter

Our news letter used to be emailed every month to people who opted into our mailing list, but due to emails being out of date, people leaving the scene and new Spam filters which block bulk emails, I am unsure as to how much exposure our newsletter actually gets! So we have decided to stop sending newsletters by email and posting them on our website, on our Facebook page and group and here, on our blog. So people can read the newsletter at their leisure when they wish.
So what’s been happening?! Well August traditionally is a quiet month due to the school holidays but wow! You all certainly came out of the woodwork this year to make August one of our best ever! We had some amazing events, some new ones, some of our old favourites
Our Brazilian night mid month was just brilliant! The club was decorated like a carnival with fresh fruit on the bar, uplifting carnival music and delicious Brazilian cocktails! Everybody was buzzing and the party continued upstairs to check out the ‘brazilians’ lol ,-) August also saw the return of Liverpool Pride, so Townhouse celebrated diversity by having a weekend of camp, rainbows, dancing and the best bunch of people from our LGBT membership. Awesome!
The highlight of the month for me was our Allo Allo Kinky Murder Mystery night on 22nd August. We welcomed professional acting company, ’After Dark’ to the club who were so convincing as the cast from the TV series it was uncanny!!! Especially Herr Flick! Lol A murder took place and suspects were hunted down around the club and questioned. Suffice to say, sexual innuendos were in abundance and the fun didn’t stop after the mystery was solved. The event was fully booked and everyone had such a laugh…I’d say it was a rip roaring success! It was so good that we have booked again for next year on 22nd May…there will be a different theme, but the same slapstick frolix will remain!
Our summer beach party was hot, despite the pissy weather outside!!! The BBQ had to be cancelled but our BBQ themed buffet was highly commended amongst everybody, so not a let down at all. Sexy bikinis, swimsuits, trunks and shorts, made our job the best job on earth!!!! Hahaha ,-) The club was chocca and every sheet in the club was used…sign of a great night 😀
Nights of note are most definitely our Weds night which are just getting busier!! Since we reduced the entry fee for single guys to £20, member have been coming back in their dozens! Single ladies and couples are taking advantage of their cheap entry to either play with the guys, each other or just enjoy the facilities and meet up with friends. We never get below 30 people anymore and most weeks we are touching 40-45  For mid week, that is well worth a visit!
Now that the kids are back in school, we are going to be even busier!!! We have events for everybody at Townhouse; check out our website What’s On page for our full calendar up to the end of October. Some dates for your diary for now though are 12th Sept which is our Couples Only night which is always a lovely night with sexy couples. Our International night this month in on 20th Sept and Italy is our country! Italian décor, nibbles, cocktails and music! Italian stallions…this is for you! Lol We have another Plus1 night on 26th Sept where couples can bring single guests for a collective price of £25! Our big party this month is of course, Back To School!!! Always a very popular night of filth….school uniforms not compulsory but it gives up a good perv ,-)
We have a new event on Sunday 21st Sept from 2 – 8pm….it is a Naturist afternoon. If you’ve ever wanted to feel complete liberation in a safe club, then this is your opportunity! Just £10 per couple, £10 per guy and £5 per female.
Our kinky life drawing classes are a huge success! We have run 4 classes now and have had different models at each class. You don’t have to be Michael Angelo to come along…just a love for drawing or a desire to move a step up from a stick man will do! £5 per person with juice and biccies included. The next classes are on 13th Sept from 2-6pm and 18th Sept from 7 – 10pm. We have an artist with us who can give you tips if you want them, but remember, you are not being tested or scrutinised! This is all about fun, creativity and relaxation.
Away from events now and just a couple of points before I leave you alone!
The last entry to the club for single guys is strictly 10.30pm and 11pm for couples/ladies. If you think that there is a chance you will be late, then you must call the club early in the evening to let us know so we will let you in. If you don’t do this, then you will not be admitted. This is to stop people getting loaded in town and then falling through our doors drunk, thus disrupting the connections between members that have been made and affecting the atmosphere.
From immediate effect, our car park gates will be closed from 11pm on a Saturday night and 12.30am on all other nights. This is for added security and a car park attendant will leave the building with you and open the gates for you. This has been put in place by Bookers who own the car park; we rent it by night and apparently their Head Office are getting twitchy about the gates being left open for anyone to walk in and out (sigh), so to keep the car park, this is what we have to now do!!! It is better for you as you can leave your car in complete peace of mind….it’s just more of a problem for us! Lol
2 of our playrooms are undergoing redecoration at the moment. It’s taking time purely because we are open so much in the day and night, but there may be the odd time when you smell a faint odour of paint, so apologies in advance…the hall, stairs and landings will also be getting a lovely fresh facelift too, so please bear with us; it will be worth it!
Don’t forget that you can hire our club for private meets, parties, photoshoots, Fetish play etc…it costs from £30 per hour with great discounts for half and full day hire as well as groups of people having a doo! If this doesn’t suit but you would like to invite your friends along to celebrate your birthday, then you can have your party with us on one of our regular swinging Fridays or Saturdays. You need to give me a guestlist and couples enjoy a £15 entry with guys enjoying a £20 entry…single ladies remain the same at £5. The birthday girl or boy gets a free entry  This is a great way to celebrate amongst friends in a great club.
Here are the links to our relevant sites for you to find out more information on the club:

Townhouse swinging website –
Townhouse fetish website –
Townhouse facebook page –
Thanks again all for choosing Townhouse, we really do appreciate it
Much love
Vicky and Jim xxx

New to Swinging/Townhouse

New members join Townhouse all the time, which is testament to our excellent reputation as a welcoming, no pressure venue!!:-)

We gets dozens of messages and phone calls a day with questions from prospective members, asking questions before they make the big step into the swinging scene. It is important that new members get as much information as possible to enable them to make an informed decision on whether swinging is for them and indeed, whether Townhouse is the right club for them. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

Q -Are we expected to join in straight away?

A – ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Most newcomers take baby steps onto the scene and start off by watching the dynamics of others or playing privately with each other in a locked room. It may take a few visits before you feel like playing with other people, you may even decide that you don’t want to play with other people at all! There are some members who get a thrill out of watching others or being watched. The key is taking things at your own pace.

Q – We are not sure what we want, we just feel attracted to the swinging scene.

A – The main thing is that you communicate with one another. Discuss what it is about the swinging scene that gets you excited. Set some boundaries and stick to them. You may find that your boundaries change over time, but if you keep talking to one another, you will be enjoying the scene whilst keeping your own relationship safe.

Q – What do people wear and what is ‘dress down’? 

A – We do have a dress code which excludes Tracksuits, sportswear, hoodies and trainers. We say smart casual on most nights, but people tend to dress up more on our party nights. So smart casual for guys may be smart jeans, shoes and shirt or smart top. Ladies tend to wear a dress or trousers/skirt with dressy top. You can be as adventurous as you like and if you prefer to wear kiky clothes or play outfits, then this is great too! ‘Dress down’ is only needed in the upstairs play areas after 11pm. You can wear whatever you want in the downstairs social areas, so this is perfect for newbies who may be nervous about stripping off! For dress down, guys tend to wear, boxers, shorts or a towel. Ladies tend to wear sexy lingerie, wraps, negligees, playsuits, basques or a towel. We have a dress down policy upstairs to make a level playing field for everybody as clothing in play areas can come across as seedy.

Q –  What is the age range of guests?

A – Swinging attracts people of all ages, from 18 – 80 but on the scene in general, the average age is 28 – 55. Some nights attract a younger crowd, some nights attracts an older crowd, but we never can tell. We open our doors and see who turns up.

Q – Will you be busy tonight?

A – If I had a pound for everytime I was asked this question, I could move to the caribbean! lol I think people expect me to have a 6th sense and a crystal ball tucked in my handbag! Because we don’t take bookings, we really can’t tell you how busy a night will be. There are some nights that I can guarantee to be busy, i.e. end of month party and fetish nights, but as for the other nights, it varies greatly. Things like school holidays, football matches and the weather can affect numbers! lol

Q – Will there be lots of single guys there? 

A – Wednesday nights are busier for single guys as we don’t have a restriction, this is because it is a greedy girl night and they want to meet as many guys as possible. At the weekend, we restrict the number of guys who can come to 6 on a Friday and 8 on a Saturday. This means that there are enough guys for those who want to meet them, but not too many for those who don’t. If you are worried about single guys, please be assured that our guys need to go through a process before they get a membership and we find that our guys are respectful, understanding and great company. If you would rather attend on a night where there are no single guys, then we have a couples only night on the 2nd Friday of every month.

Q – I am very body concious, will everybody be slim and body beautiful?

A – NO!!!! We welcome people of all different shapes and sizes. We ALL have body image issues; most people will have something that they don’t like about themselves. So please do not think there is a sterotypical swinger, we are normal people who all have confidence issues. You will find it very liberating to dress down amongst other people and we find that many members find a new confidence in themselves once they have enjoyed the scene for a while.

Q – Our relationship is on the rocks, do you think swinging will spice up our relationship?

A – Sorry but no. I honestly believe that it would be the demise of your relationship. Swinging only really works if you are in a solid relationship, which is open, honest and thriving. Swinging should not be used to replace anything that is missing in your relationship, it should be an additional part of your relationship.

Q – What if we see someone we know?

A – Well they are there for the same thing as you, so after the initial shock, you can have a laugh about it. Some swingers travel away from home to a club miles away in the hopes that they will avoid bumping into someone they know, but what they don’t realise is that a lot of swingers have the same idea!! We have met people from Liverpool, hundreds of miles away fromm home. So you are best just choosing a club based on merit, rather than it’s proximity to your home! lol The first rule of the club is ‘What goes on in the club, stays in the club’. Swinging only works if we can trust one another and uphold this very important rule. So if you bump into someone that you know from the club in Tesco, you shouldn’t be going over blurting out that you know them from the swinging scene…it’s common sense but has to be said!

Q – What if someone asks us to play and we don’t want to?

A – Just politely say no thank you! Swingers are used to the knock back lol! We are all attracted to different people so it is natural that someone may like you, but the feelings are not mutual…and visa versa may I add! The best way to establish who is into what and if a couple/person is attracted to you is make conversation. Mingle, chat, have a laugh…you will usually establish pretty quickly who is attracted to who and if they are interested in you. We don’t hold psychic abilities so unless you speak to people and ask, we won’t know you are interested.

Q – What if we don’t meet people we would like to play with?

A – Play is never guaranteed…obviously! lol If you come to the club with an expectation of play, then you will be disappointed as you won’t play on every visit. You should see you time at Townhouse as a night out, as a social to meet new people and have a laugh….then if you play, it’s a bonus; if you don’t, then you won’t be disappointed.

Q – What is the ‘coloured band system’ that I have heard about?

A – This is a bit of fun and also a way of telling people what you are into without even opening your mouth! The bands can be found on reception for you to take and wear. Not everyone will wear the bands, but some do and it’s fun when you approach the bar and someone has the same coloured band as you; it’s a good ice breaker! 🙂 Here is the colour code:  Red = not playing tonight, just socialising, Yellow = soft swap, girl girl, finding our feet, Green = bring it on, we are a full swap couple! Pink = I want to meet a single guy.

Q – What is the difference between full swap & soft swap?

A – It is a myth that swinging means a mass orgy or swapping in separate rooms! It also doesn’t mean throwing your keys in a bowl and walking away with the owner of the keys! lol In fact swinging is so varied from couple to couple. Here are some of the different ways in which people enjoy the swinging scene: Voyeurism – This is watching other people at play. Exhibitionism – playing in front of other people for your own pleasure. Soft Swap – This can be simply kissing and touching another couple, it could be oral sex, it could be females only playing. Full swap – this is when 2 couples swap partners, but in most cases, it is a group situation and not a straight swap…so females may play, there may be threesome play while the other watches for a bit…there’s lots of scenarios! Full swap generally happens in the same room, but some couples like the idea of being in different rooms. It’s a personal preference really. Orgy – This is when several couples and maybe even some singles are ‘invited’ into a group play situation. So there may be several partner swaps, maybe some girl girl, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes….it’s a sea of skin!! lol  Not for the faint hearted!

Q – I am worried about STI’s

A – We actively promote safe sex in our club by providing condoms free of charge and we encourage everybody to protect themselves and others by insisting upon the use of condoms. We recommend that you change condoms from partner to partner in group situations and please do not ‘forget’ to have them handy. There is no excuse for unprotected sex. We are soon going to provide a drop in clinic once a month for people to come along and have themselves tested for several STI’s, courtesy of the Terrence Higgins Trust. Many STI’s can be identified within half an hour, so no waiting!

Closure of Birkenhead Tunnel during the ‘Giants’ visit

The Giants visit to Liverpool will mean that the Birkenhead (Queensway) tunnel will be closed at certain times on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th July. So you will need to use the Wallasey tunnel instead. I have done this journey may times and have timed it; it takes 9 minutes from the Wallasey tunnel to the club. You will need to follow the signs for Birkenhead and go along the dock road, past the ferry terminals and ferry terminal.

The Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel will be closed from:

10pm on Thursday 24, July – Midday on Friday 25, July.

9.30pm on Friday 25, July – 1am on Saturday 26, July.

10:30am on Saturday 26, July – 1am on Sunday 27, July.

New Townhouse Blog!!

Welcome to our new blog where we will keep you up to date with goings on at the club!

We will be posting here regularly, so check back for the latest news on events, refurb info, special offers, parties and gossip! 🙂

Have you seen our new website yet?

We will be running several sites for specific ‘arms’ of the club, so one for swingers, for the fetish members, for TGirls and for private hire. The swinging site is the only one live for now, but the others will follow shortly!

Don’t be afraid to give us your constructive feedback on our website 😀