FET-ish Erotic BDSM Party @ Townhouse 25th April

fet-ISH (1)

Following the HUGE success of our last 2 parties, we are delighted to bring back FET-ish which is now a regular feature on the Townhouse calendar!

This is a party especially for fetishists who like to include sex and eroticism in their BDSM play!

On our mainstream BDSM nights, sexual play is reserved to the private rooms with the open play areas being left for pure BDSM play. But so many people like to involve sexual elements in their play, whether it be sexual sadism, orgasm denial play, sexual humiliation, forced orgasm or they just like to use BDSM as part of a sexual scene.

At FET-ish, sexual BDSM play will be openly encouraged and we are hoping that the fine line between pain and pleasure will be explored and embraced! We expect to hear screams of pain and screaming orgasms raising our roof! Lol

If this sounds like your kind of night, then join us on the 25th April! I will be joined by Hornymike_2017 and LittleVixen as kinky co-hosts to help the party get off to a flying start!

So bring your BDSM kit bags and your best skimpies for a night of exploring boundaries and unadulterated filth!

This night is open to non members and will be advertised on another well known fetish site

The pricing is as follows:
£10 per person (members)
£15 per person (non member guys)
Ratios of guys to girls will be monitored

You will need your membership card or ID to gain entry, preferably a driving licence if you have one. (Please refer to our website for accepted ID)

The dress code is all dark clothing/fetish wear/alternative wear and dress down will be optional as fetishists often like to keep their kinky clothes on for BDSM scenes.

Any questions, please get in touch!


RAW!! Pure Play Party – 2 Year Anniversary @ Townhouse 19th April

raw red

It’s two years since our first RAW! Pure Play Party so we are celebrating the only way we know how… by bringing you another instalment of this popular fuckfest with some planned rudeness up our sleeves. We are turning the tables and looking for some male greedy boy volunteers with plenty of stamina. We want more fantasies, more fucking and more filth. As it’s Good Friday, we will be having a kinky Easter Egg Hunt too!

We have raised the age cap for single guys to 50 years old for this event and it’s compulsory immediate dress down.

Described as …’heady and charged’ RAW is for those that want get straight down to play. For greedy boys & greedy girls looking for action! This event focuses on gang bangs, group sex, multiple partners, bukkake and lots of filth and fucking. Not for the faint hearted.
It’s about stamina and orgasms rather than socialising.

If you have a play scenario that we can make a reality for you, then get in touch. We can help arrange multiple participants and chaperone this for you. Past fantasies have included… public disgrace scenes, two females doing bukkake, restrained and blindfolded gangbangs, public outdoor group play. You need to contact us directly to discuss this then promote it yourself on our thread.

Our fuck pit returns to create extra play space and gets heavily used. The fuck pit a converted section of the lounge so perfect for exhibitionists and voyeurs.

The bunkbeds room will be converted into a dark room. Perfect for letting your inhibitions go and playing with mystery guests.

Single Males must be under 50 years old! We will be selecting a few over this age but they are regular members or attendees to RAW. Totally our discretion.

Apart from the hot tub, the whole club area is open for play so feel free to be spontaneous and fuck in the bar or lounge. We are encouraging early dress down too.

Females: £10, Couples: £20, Males: £20 Single Males (Non Members): £25
You don’t need to be a member of the club but will need to bring two forms of ID.

As this is a private party and cheap entry we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol but purchase from the well stocked subsidised bar. You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab. Towels are £1 to hire but you are welcome to bring your own and condoms are available free of charge. No trainers!

Overnight stays are available , just book in directly with us infotownhouse@aol.com and you can email us to go on the guestlist at this address too


RAWnch Pure Play Couples & Single Females Party @ Townhouse 6th April

RAWnch (1)

Curious about our RAW! Parties but feel you may be out of your depth? We are bringing you a slice of RAW on a Saturday night! BUT…
A Couples and Singles Ladies Only Version!

RAWnch will be a heady, sexually charged atmosphere with one big difference to the RAW event…NO SINGLE MEN!

Expect a bit less conversation than a typical Saturday night and a lot more action. For those greedy couples and single ladies that don’t want a heavy male to female ratio but want to cut loose and be sexually free for the night. We will share all of our toys (drilldo, American challenge dildo, dildo rocker etc) and you can bring your toys. Tonight is the night to fulfil some fantasies.

We are insisting on an early dress down to get the party started so if you’re brave enough, feel free to show up in a coat with just your sexy skimpies on underneath. Otherwise, please be prepared to dress down upon arrival.

The bunk bed room will be converted into a dark room with glowsticks and glow in the dark condoms and the dungeons will be open to encourage your darkest desires and you can play anywhere in the club apart from the hot tub.

For those exhibitionists that LOVE to be watched, we are bringing RAW’s ‘fuck pit’ to the lounge!

Mattresses filling the centre of the room with sofas set out around them. A sexy show for those voyeurs that just LOVE to perv.
Newbies or less experienced swingers are welcome to come along as there is no pressure to play or join in. You can have a nosey, relax in our hot tub and soak up the atmosphere.

Normal prices apply.

The event runs from 830pm – 3am

You will need to bring two forms of ID with you or your membership card if you are a member, dress to impress (no sportswear or trainers) and you will need £10 for your locker key deposit.

Townhouse has a well-stocked, subsidised bar with a branded doubles bar and our much loved oriGIN bar for all you juniper junkies.

If you’re attending for the first time or have any questions, then drop us a message.

See you all there!

MILF Monday ‘The April Fools Day One’ 1st April @ Townhouse

looking for love_

Well, you’d be a fool to miss out on our April Milf Monday!!

To get April underway, we are celebrating April Fool’s Day … so we want to see your best crazy outfits, tricks, gags & jokes!! From Howling Mad Murdock (“you crazy fool”) to Coco the Clown with a squirting flower & beeping nose – whatever daft fun floats your boat, let’s see it!!

Once you’ve finished ‘playing the fool’ downstairs, you can head up to the playrooms to ‘fool around’

If you’d like to attend then please comment below in this forum and we’ll be sure to add you on to our guest list. Please be aware that this event is GUEST LIST ONLY!

The entry fee for our Milf Monday Tom-foolery is £10 for the gents, but our lovely ladies will get free entry!

Feel free to post in the thread, make some friends and get yourselves all excited before the party starts!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the 1st!
‘The Small Print’

The club can be found at 9 Union St, Birkenhead, CH42 3TL.

This is a daytime event for ladies and couples who want to meet single guys. Some of our girls are greedy too, so we aim for a 3:1 ratio of guys to girls at their request.

Doors open at 10:30 and closing time is 15:30. Last entry is 1pm
We cap numbers at 100 to make it pleasant and comfortable for our guests, therefore this is a strict GUESTLIST ONLY party. Please only place your name on the list if you can definitely make it as places are in demand; we have a 3 strike rule for people who continuously waste places.

Please be aware that we have a strict ‘smart/casual’ dress code – no hoodies, sportswear or trainers are allowed!

NON MEMBERS/NEWBIES – You are MORE than welcome at the club and I’ll be happy to give you a tour of the place and answer any questions you may have on the day.

You just need to bring some photo ID with you AND something with your address on. NO ID = NO ENTRY! Driving licence is the gold standard for ID, but a passport & utility bill is also acceptable.

Townhouse members, just bring along your membership card.
You will need a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab which is offset against your bar bill. Townhouse has a very cheap licensed bar to keep you refreshed throughout the day, so please leave your own drinks at home. Towels are available for a nominal fee of £1 – or you can bring your own

PLEASE DO NOT PARK in Bookers car park or the car parks of other local businesses. Parking enforcements are operating in the area so please be aware of this. There is plenty of on-street parking in and around Union Street, HOWEVER please ensure you are considerate towards our neighbours & leave plenty of room for access, driveways etc.

James Bond 007 CASINO Party Night @ Townhouse 30th March

top five Classic (1)

You are required to rendezvous at Townhouse on Saturday 30th March for a very special mission. You must be ready for anything… adopt a disguise and be licensed to thrill!

Ensure you are fully equipped with gadgets via ‘Q’, as the guests can be very demanding and you will need your wits about you.

To gain entry, you must say the password ‘Betty Swollocks’; by this your host will know you accept your mission! You may be handed a coded message but it is For Your Eyes Only so keep it safe. To avoid the admission of unwanted civilians, you will be required to verify your identity….you know what to do. The lady on reception is your friend and will take good care of you, tip her well!

You will be summoned to the Casino Royale where you will find 2 gambling tables with croupiers. Mingle with the other guests and try not to lose all of your chips or ‘M’ will not be happy!

It may be unpredictable at times and watch out for Pussy Galore, I hear she is everywhere!!

The other guests will be wearing smart attire and evening dresses, so it will be hard to differentiate between the sick and twisted and the innocent bystanders, so mingle and figure out who is who. Try not to be awkward and draw attention to yourself; dancing with guests will deter suspicious eyes, oh and I hear the buffet is to Live and Let Die for too!

This party is like no other…it is adult in nature and you may be invited into rooms to partake in activities of a sensual nature. Although we understand that this is very tempting, remember that you represent Her Majesty’s Secret Service and debauchery whilst on duty is prohibited, not that this has stopped you before!

This party could take you places you have never been before….but with your ‘weapon’, you will no doubt live to Die Another Day.

Good luck!!!

not so small print…….
Normal prices apply
8.30pm til 3am – last entry 11pm (9.30pm for newbies)
DJ and Buffet available
New couples and ladies welcome
8 places for guys who must be members
Get your best clobber on!

BUXOM BABES @ Townhouse 21st March – Flaunt your curves!

Today Only (1)

It’s time to ‘Flaunt Your Curves’ ladies!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we relaunched Buxom Babes … it’s flown by!! And what better way to celebrate our anniversary than to have a PARTY!!

No theme, just a good old fashioned party, with party tunes, punch, jelly shots and LOTS of fun!! Ladies – get your party frocks on!! Gents – we want to see smart & sexy, so make sure you dress to impress!!

As always, this event celebrates those luscious ladies who have curves to die for – and the guys & girls who adore them!! And lets face it, we all know who it is that makes the rocking world go round!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Buxom Babe, a Plus-size Princess, a Curvy Kitten or a Voluptuous Vixen. It’s not about ‘labels’, it’s about flaunting your fabulous assets and having the confidence to do so! No matter if you are blessed with Beyonce’s booty, Shakira’s hips, Kim’s boobs or Nigella’s thighs … every ‘body’ is welcome ??

For the guys & girls who adore a lady with added va-va-voom, then this is the night for you! We are looking for both classy ladies & gorgeous gents who want to impress our Buxom Babes … and maybe more!!

As this is a limited numbers event, please get your name down early – once the maximum number is reached, any additional names will be added to a reserve list. Please email us at Infotownhouse@aol.com to go on the list

We have a strict dress code for this event, so sportswear and trainers are NOT permitted. Please make the effort and dress to impress!
And remember … Curvy is the new black!
‘The Small Print’

Doors open at 19:30 and closing time is 01:30

For any newbies to Townhouse, I’ll be more than happy to show you round on the night.

Entry Prices:
Ladies – £5
Couples – £ 10
Gents – members £10 / non-members £20
T-Girls – £5
You will need £10 as a locker key deposit and we ask that you purchase your drinks from our very reasonably priced and well stocked bar, including a huge selection for any gin lovers from our oriGIN bar. If you need a towel, one can be obtained at reception for a nominal cost of £1, or you are welcome to bring your own.

If you are not a member of Townhouse, then please bring either your driving license or two forms of ID – one must be photo ID as well as something with your address on, such as a utility or mobile bill. Members simply need to show their membership card.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Paddy’s Night Hooley @ Townhouse 16th March

To Raise your glasses! –Here’s to a long life and a merry one.A quick death and an easy one.A pretty girl and an honest one.A cold beer and another one! –The Irish ToastBeannachtam na Feile Padraig

With so many Irish folk at Townhouse and Jim & I being from Irish stock, we always go mad for Paddy’s night and have a good old knees up!! If you have been before, you know that our Paddy’s nights are a tad….WILD! lol

This year we are planning a Hooley, so make sure you get some red bull down you because we are going to dance the bejeezuz out of ya!
We’ll have some nibbles on the bar and tables, Irish coffee and of course you are welcome to enjoy a pint of the black stuff, which is available at a reduced price.

The club will be decorated to set the scene, but it would be good if our guests got into the spirit and dressed for the occasion! The Irish tricolor is your inspiration or why not bring the luck of the Irish with you and be a naughty leprechaun!

Come along and get jiggy on the dancefloor before you get jiggy in our playrooms.This is going to be AWESOME and not to be missed!!

Despite our high overheads, entry prices are the same bargain price as always!

Overnights will be available for those who want to make a night of it and drink like the Irish! Just £15 per person, just book with us directly

See you there for one of our favourite nights of the year!


Raise your glasses! –
Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold beer and another one! –
The Irish Toast

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig

‘HEADSPACE’ Auralism Party @ Townhouse 22nd March


Primarily based on ‘Auralism’ ~ A fetish for music. You know how it can make your skin prickle? . . . Events have evolved nicely and we have incorporated several diverse Headspaces for this one thanks to the loyalty of our team and the freshness of new ideas becoming involved . . . We love that 🙂

We have our regular dark room and UV body painting on the first floor. Funishments will be showcasing their brilliant, new but well established, game in the first floor dungeon, if you haven’t experienced this game this event is an ideal opportunity.

On the top floor Mister Mike will be chilled out with his unique meditation methods – The door will be closed during sessions to maximise the atmosphere in this room and reduce distractions.

The basement dungeon we have Bass In the Basement with a very bassy vibe with flasing lights and throbby music creating an intense playspace. The cages will be occupied.

The main room is holding the main event which this time is the Old School Goth Disco. Think The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus, The Cramps, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Siouxsie & the Banshees and The Damned. The room will be decorated to complement the theme >v< and I will be in my element mixing Goth and UV accessories to give this room it’s usual sense of fun. The UV theme has been very popular and we love working with that.

In the main room you are welcome to play, and you are more than welcome to go one step further and incorporate the UV theme (rope, wax, toys, etc) . . . Guayule Nomisma is working on wrapping up a bunny and making them glow.

Headspace crew will be dotted around. Feel free to stop anyone of us with any questions you may have

If you don’t have Townhouse membership please bring a form of ID
Usual Townhouse etiquette and rules apply

Don’t mix alcohol and play. Please keep it safe, sane & consensual

Any questions or to book a place please contact the club direct at infotownhouse@aol.com

Leather & Lace ‘Reloaded’ Rock Night @ Townhouse 9th March – LIVE MUSIC

Leather &amp; Lace

It’s time to get Leather & Lace, ‘Reloaded’ ..!!

On Saturday 9th March, my awesome rock night makes it’s return to Townhouse, to rock the panties off a bunch of Saturdays through 2019.

Like last year this will be the best sex party for swingers and kinksters who like all things loud and guitar driven, with the aim for it to be a fun night of riff fuelled debauchery and a little music appreciation.

As well as an eclectic mix of music throughout the club, to help kick off this new year of events we’ll also have some awesome live music from the brilliant CAUTION ROCK/POP DUO. These guys will be playing all your favourites by Queen, Van Halen, Journey, Bon Jovi and many more.. They are absolutely brilliant and sure to get you all in the mood.
Talking of music – In the bar will be a great mix of songs from bands like Offspring, ACDC, Steel Panther, Faith No More, Soundgarden, The Clash, Guns N Rose’s etc. In the lounge between sets by our live act will be my personal favourite, a mix of music videos by the same great artists we feature in the bar, re-live those MTV days and enjoy some visual as well as aural stimulation.

On the first floor we’ll have the ‘METAL’ room, with the lights turned way down and heavier tunes, this open space will be perfect to get down to some totally hard and filthy play. Finally the top floor will feature a mix of pop punk and indie classics to set a lighter, more playful mood.

There are some changes to last year’s format. The prices are the usual Saturday, £25 for couples, £5 for girls and £30 for single guys – who like any other Saturday, have to be members and have to book in advance, as there will be only 8 places up for grabs.

Being a Saturday you can also bring your own booze.

Dress code is more relaxed with this event, band t-shirts at the minimum, but I encourage people to dress to impress as always. Think fetish wear, leathers, latex, lace, and you are on the right track. Maybe even dress as your favourite rocker. While skater boys and girls can come in skate shoes as always there is a total ban on sports wear, ie running trainers, shorts, joggers. ( Unless you want to cosplay as Johnathan Davies, then I fully expect sparkly Adidas clobber )

To attend just message Vic & Jim at infotownhouse@aol.com to get on the list. All attendees must bring membership cards or valid ID (picture part drivers license is perfect).

Doors open at 8:30pm. Last entry is 10:30pm and newbies are asked to arrive before 9:30pm

If you would like to stay over, it’s a bargain £15 per person and can be arranged through myself or contact the club directly. Pre payment is required to book a stay over.

So come on people, get your names on the list and let’s make 2019 a loud and filthy one \”/

50 Shades of Wahay Swinging/Fetish Crossover Party 2nd March

Riverdale University is a leading higher educationand research institution in New York (1).png

This is our usual fantastic Swinging Saturday but we will also be joined by some members of our fetish community. Some will be playing openly for you to observe and ask questions afterwards.

Others will be running a demonstration for those who are curious about BDSM but don’t know where to start.

Our demos will be starting around 10.15pm and run through until about 11.30pm beginning with a very brief chat on etiquette and what to expect during the evening by my alter ego Lady C

For this 50 Shades our demo teams are two very experienced Dominants.

Mistress Saphire will be stimulating the senses of her submissive with an interactive sensational sensory tie and tease demo including wax play.

Mister Smith will be tormenting and teasing two submissives by controlling their orgasms. Think straight-jackets, E-stims, orgasm denial and forced orgasms. Teasing play that can easily be incorporated in to your bedroom play.

The open play occurring on the night will include things such as rope, flogging and needleplay.

As this is a swinging night, our upstairs playrooms will be open as usual for filth and frolic’s! So if you’re not curious about BDSM, then our bar area, wet area and all upstairs swinging rooms will be there for your pleasure as usual!

The dress code is our usual dress to impress or if you’re feeling daring, then fetishwear is more than ok!!! lol

Our usual prices apply and we are still only admitting 8 single guys from our swinging membership; there maybe one or two additional guys in attendance from our fetish community who are doing the demos or playing openly for you to watch, learn and admire!

We recommend that you arrive before 10pm as this will be busy but also or demos are starting early and you don’t want to miss out!

See you there
Vicky (aka Lady C)