We try and promote a safe environment for likeminded people to meet new friends and play if the option arises. To enable us to achieve this, it is very important that all members understand and follow the rules of the club. The rules can be discussed further with members of staff if you wish or you may email us for clarification. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in respecting the club rules and your fellow members


  • Please dress to impress – Hoodies, Sportswear, Trainers, Sweatshirts and Hats are not allowed and you will be refused entry if you arrive dressed as such. The ONLY exception to this is if you arrive in fancy dress for a themed night and the above articles of clothing form part of your costume. The staff reserve the right to refuse entry on these grounds.

  • We ask our single guys to behave like gentlemen, so please do not follow people around in the hope that they will ask you to join them, this will just put them off! No inappropriate touching, no loitering outside rooms, no masturbating outside doorways, no knocking on or opening closed playroom doors and if you ask someone to play and they say ‘No’ it means NO…pestering will get you barred!

  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited anywhere in the club. If you need to check your phone/take a call in an emergency, then bring your phone to reception and do so in the company of the desk manager. We do not allow people to carry phones in pockets, bags for them to be checked intermittently. If you are worried about a possible problem at home, i.e. babysitting issues, then you may leave your phone at reception and we can look out for a given name flashing up on the phone; we will then come and find you. But this is only in an emergency; we are not a secondary babysitting service. Cameras are not allowed in the club on any events apart from official photography events. Anyone caught taking photographs in the public areas in the club will be asked to delete any photographs in the company of the management and asked to leave immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy on the use of mobile phones, so please put them in your locker, forget about them and enjoy your night.


  • We are proud of the cleanliness of our club and the wet area, so please put any rubbish in the bins provided and report any beds in need of changing to staff who will happily deal with this promptly. The hot tub, although it can be very erotic, is not a play area and therefore sex in the tub is prohibited. 


  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises, however we have an outdoor smoking area which is semi covered and heated. Dressing gowns are provided for use in the smoking area for when you are dressed down. E-Cigs are allowed on the ground floor of the club. We ask that you do not use your E-Cig in the play areas as it may be off-putting for some.


  • Illegal drug use is prohibited on the premises and in the smoking area. Anyone caught taking drugs will be asked to leave the premises immediately, their membership will be removed and the police will be informed. We have a zero tolerance drug use policy.  


  • We now hold a license to sell alcohol. However we ask that you drink in moderation as drunken behaviour is not tolerated in the club. The staff reserve the right to refuse serving you alcohol if they feel that you are too drunk. Please see our bar prices on the Pricing page


  • Please do not have sex or sexual contact of any kind in the hot tub. Other people have to get in after you and it’s not hygienic. If you break this rule, you will be asked to get dressed and leave the club immediately


  • As a member of the club you agree to uphold confidentiality about the people you encounter and the activities within the club. So we ask that you remember ‘what goes on in the stays in the club’.


  • Please do not park outside houses in the neighbouring residential area. We have a large, secure car park which you can use to park your car in the evenings which is discrete and for our sole use. We ask that you remove your car at the end of the evening as cars that are left in the car park after the club has closed could be removed or clamped. The car park is shared by day with a local business and they have enforced this rule. 


  • Working girls’ are not allowed on the premises at any time


  • Be respectful when watching play and maintain a quiet play environment

74 thoughts on “RULES AND ETIQUETTE

  1. Hi was looking to come to my first club meet tomorrow for your greedy girls afternoon, but as new member can I still come and come little earlier and do membership then x Richard


    • I’ve been wanting to visit a club for some time now admit I’m slightly nervous but this seems like the perfect club ill definitely be there for a membership hopefully this week could be next the newby night seem perfect just what I’m looking for. And it looks classy and clean see you soon x


  2. Hi,

    I actually have the same question as Justin, but I didn’t get answered in the comments. Here it is:
    “Hi was looking to come to my first club meet [this Wednesday] for your greedy girls afternoon, but as new member can I still come and come little earlier and do membership then.”


  3. Hi,

    I’m considering whether I should come in and see you guys over getting a membership. My question is – I’m a 24 year old man (can provide ID) who looks more like he’s 20. Will I be accepted and included if I was to join?

    Look forward to your response


  4. Good evening

    Me and my hubby are wanting to come on 21st november do we have to bring ID or anything in particular.
    This is our first visit.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi me and my partner are lookin at coming this sat 23rd wht ID would we need ?as this would be are first vist/time and unsure …
    Thanks donna


    • Hi guys!
      Thanks for your message. If you both have a driving licence, then bring those with you. If not, then you will need 2 forms of ID, one of which needs your current address. So for example a passport and utility bill or 2 x utility bills. We have a strict data protection policy and you info is only used for membership purposes; it is not sold or shared with 3rd parties and we do not send anything to your address.
      Hope this helps and try to arrive before 9.30pm so we can show you around and get you settled in
      Vicky x


  6. Hi me and my boyfriend would like to attend a couples night, we are new to the sceen. I work as a escort, but will not be working when attending the club, I will only be there for fun with my boyfriend and to make new friends. Will I be allowed into the club?


  7. Hi i am a 47 yr male from Ireland and I stay in Liverpool couple times a month and I heard about your club from a girl I know, I would love to come along and experience your club is this possible ,I’m never over midweek its always weekends wud this b a problem in becoming a member .


  8. I’m a big girl and I’d love to give this a go but I’m worried firstly because I’m big & second because I’m worried meeting someone one I know. Anyone with any advice welcome. Does everyone follow the etiquette rules?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment.
      First of all, our members represent the wider community, therefore your size really isn’t a problem as we get people of all different shapes and sizes. YES everybody must follow the rules or they get kicked out!!! No negotiations! If you see someone you know, they are there for the same thing. Everybody wants privacy, so they would have to ‘out’ themselves to tell anybody that they have seen you in a club and they won’t want to do that.


  9. Hi I’m a single guy, I’ve read the single guys page and rules etc. I’m just wondering if there are any types of guy you would reject eg I’m on the heavier side, would I still be accepted

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness no!!! Age, race, size looks…none of it matters. The only time someone is rejected is if they really don’t get swinging and treat our cub like a brothel with guaranteed sex. This is why we do the intro, so we can ensure that the guys we take on totally understand the ethos of swinging xx


      • We are so happy hearing that. We prefer a discreet place to meet and are the older type with a bit of weight. You seem a friendly club. So excited to arrange membership and meet new friends.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi,

    I’m considering coming to my first event, and noticed in the Darkroom Debauchery post that you said porn won’t be played in there – does that mean that it’s played elsewhere usually? I find it a bit unsexy personally, so was just wondering..

    Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi
      Yes it is played in all playrooms on all TV’s but they are small and the sound is off. If you don’t like it and you’re in a private room, turn it off! lol 😉 simple solution. If it’s a public room, then it needs to stay on as the majority of people enjoy ‘tasteful’ porn
      Vicky x


  11. Hi

    We are a couple and want a private room to play. We dont want sex with other couples but like to watch. And watch porn Do we have to book a room.

    What us acceptable dress wear

    Do we need to become members

    Thinking if coming 8 th Octobet

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi I am currently a non member (married) but thinking of attending one of your MILF mondays as i work most weekends do i have to become a member prior to attending ??? Kind Regards


  13. Pingback: DEEVA Tgirls Daytime Parties Every Weds from 1st March! | townhouse swingers

  14. Hi looking at joining. Partner is a bit unsure and would prefer me to come along 1st. Can I join as a single lady then upgrade to a couples membership when he’s ready to join me? Xxx


    • Hi!
      You are best just coming along as a guest one evening with ID and take a look for yourself, experiencing what we are all about. If he wants to join at a later date with you, then you can join afresh together xx


  15. Hello! I am a 35 yo gentleman very interested on this little world of BDSM, but I am an absolutely newbie.

    I guess any Wednesday would be the best option for me, right? What options could I have to become a member?

    Thank you for your attention


  16. hello folks.
    I’m interested in the milf Monday. I’m a single man 27 and I havnt done anything like this before but I fancy seeing what it’s like as I love older women as well. I’ve signed up my email so hope to hear that I’ve made it onto the guestlist x


  17. Hi…I experienced your amazing club with a friend who comes regular and want to bring my new feller this time…he’s a bit unsure but up for new things and tbh Friday or Saturday is best for us…do we need to be members or book or can we just turn up with id on those days? Also want to say it blew my mind how lovely and relaxed it is and how friendly everyone is too… Thanks in advance Victoria x


    • Hi!
      If you would like to join as a couple on a Friday or Saturday then be sure to check the What’s On page on our main website for event info as some Fridays may not be to your taste and you may need to book in, but Saturdays, you can just turn up before 9.30pm to join as a couple with ID.
      So glad you enjoyed your experience at Townhouse
      Vicky xx


  18. Hello
    Myself and my girlfriend plan to visit and hopefully join your club tonight. After reading your site info regarding new members we aim to arrive around 9 pm and will bring along are photo ID driving licenses. We are a friendly and sociable local couple but have never visited your club, we feel that your clubs relaxed and friendly atmosphere will suit us down to the ground. We hope you find the above acceptable and we look forward to meeting you all later tonight.


  19. Hi I am really interested in attending a party, however this will be my first one.
    I am a single 40yr old woman who would like to try new an exciting things!


  20. Hi were a couple new to swinging and only the female has photo id, w would birth certificate /bank card be enough for me? Thanks


  21. Last feb I split from my long term partner of 17 years I ain’t been with any one in 18 months as I lost a lot of confidence and think this place is ideal for me with no pressure, as a single non member is there any thing available on Saturday 7 th sept as sat is only days I’m available


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