Want to know more about our events?

Swinging Saturdays

Our Saturdays are consistently busy with a good age range of guests from early 20’s onwards. Sometimes we have themes, sometimes we don’t but if we do have a theme, please don’t feel like you MUST dress up in theme wear, but it does make the party more exciting if you do. On some nights, we will have a DJ, Buffet and overnight stays; if you are unsure, then check the news page on our website or follow our blog for party updates. Saturdays are very social and attract a broad range of swinging experience, from soft swap couples, bi women, full swap couples, different room swinging, fetishists and TGirls. It’s such an enjoyable event and a great opportunity to meet new people of differing interests; it’s also a filthy night and we usually go through every sheet in the club! lol Great for newbies to find their feet as well as experienced swingers.

We do have the odd FREE entry Saturday for members only. These are not advertised too far in advance, so you do need to keep looking at the what’s on page, our facebook page and blog for announcements. You must be on the guestlist to attend, you must have your membership card in hand and you must be able to be in before 1030pm as it’s obviously busy! It’s our way of saying thank you to our members. We do ask that you don’t bring your own drinks on this night but our bar is cheap anyway.

Kinky Karaoke & Play Parties –

We just love these fun nights!! We started back in October 2014 as a ‘one off’ and we ended up being packed out with kinksters, swingers, trans members and non members all getting together to share their passion for karaoke and swinging! Where else would you have people dressed in their skimpies singing on karaoke?! Lol

As it’s ‘Kinky’ Karaoke the club is open as normal and you are welcome to use our playrooms and dungeons if you are feeling filthy…or you can put your name up and share your talents or sit back and enjoy listening to the performances. We bring in a professional DJ who has a great set up with a huge catalogue of songs for you to choose from.

We run these nights on the 2nd Thursday of every month and they are now FREE ENTRY FOR MEMBERS and £10 for single/couple non members. We ask that you only buy food and drinks from our bar.

Everyone is welcome, but you do need to be on our guestlist so we can monitor numbers. So email, text or call us to go on the list. You need to present your membership card or your ID to gain entry. Thursdays run from 7.30pm til 1.30am with a last entry of 10.30pm

Newbies and Notso’s Wednesdays – Mid week filth!

If you are looking to come to the club for the first time, then Wednesdays are great option and it won’t cost you a lot of money either! Each Wednesday night we get couples, ladies and single guys in, so somebody for everybody! It’s a great night for our ‘not so newbies’ to grab some mid week filth as well as ease our newbies in gently!
Our doors open at 7.30pm til 1.30am, so good for those in work the next day. It’s £5 for single ladies and couples and £20 for single guys; new single guys are introduced to the club on this night to be considered for free membership (Please have a look at the single guy page on or main website for full info)
So, mid week fun with no expectation, no pressure but with the option of playing if the mood takes you. You can even bring your own booze if you want to and have a really cheap night!
All newbies are shown around the club and given the time to ask any questions and our staff will ensure you are settled in.
Free parking, free towels, free condoms/lube and the best welcome in the Northwest in the cleanest club!

MILF Mondays –

Starting at 10.30am, play gets started pretty much straight away!! It’s a busy day with about 85-100 people with a ratio of male to females of 3:1. A lot of our girls are ‘greedy’ and like to meet many guys in one day. It’s a filthy day of fun for just £10 per guy/lady/couple. You MUST book in advance though, so contact us on infotowhouse@aol.com to book in. You can find out more about this day on the home page and click the MILF Monday link on the top menu.

Indulgence All Female Party –

Our All Female nights started in November 2014 and they are a huge success!!! Our events are busy with sexy bisexual and lesbian women coming together for a night of pampering, socialising, play and indulgence and some ‘me’ time. We offer free therapies and treatments at these events, i.e manicures, reiki, indian head massage, mini make overs etc…we sometimes welcome a medium who can take advance bookings for readings on the night. We have even offered body piercings by our fully qualified and insured piercer. The activities change every month so check our blog regular for specifics on each event. We offer lost of sweet treats and nibbles and free punch. Some women come purely to mix with other bi/gay females as there is nothing else like this in Liverpool or Wirral. Other women come to enjoy the dungeons and play rooms. The night is yours to do as you wish. It’s just £10 per person! Overnight stays available, which are pre-bookable at infotownhouse@aol.co.uk

KINK!  All Male Party  – 

Kink has been running since October 2014 starting off with 2 Sunday events. They have been so popular that they are now going to be run 5 times throughout 2016 on selected Friday. This event is for Gay/Bi guys to take advantage of our dungeons and playrooms, with fun, demos & activities coordinated by the hosts http://www.thekinksters.co.uk with help from the infamous Sister Jackie! This is a very busy night with numbers currently around the 80-90 mark! Overnight stays are available as are pre-bookable tickets which will get from The Kinksters website for £10. You can also pay on the door for £15

Greedy Girl Afternoons –

This is a guestlist event, ran by one our of regular members who hires the club and it runs once a month on the 3rd Thursday of every month. So this is not a Townhouse event, it is a private event but everyone is welcome as long as you are on the list. Single ladies and couples are welcome to come along and indulge in some afternoon delight! Single guys, you are in demand! You do not need to be a member to take part, just ask to go on the guestlist and bring ID with you. This runs from 12.30pm until 5pm. It’s a great afternoon and a good chance for people to see the club before they take a membership and attend on a Townhouse event.

Friday Swinging Socials –

These are brilliant nights to share some space with likeminded people but without the expectation of play, although there is always loads of playing upstairs in our playrooms! Lol It’s a good opportunity for newbies to sample the club if they’re not sure if it’s really for them or without feeling they should join in; this is never the case by the way! The event is a private party hosted by one of our regular members and all you have to do to be on his guestlist, is email us. It’s a busy night, so we do need to keep an eye on numbers. You don’t need to be a member to attend and we don’t give out memberships on this night; you just need to bring ID with you. These parties run each month and the prices are as follows: £10 for females/Tgirls, £25 for couples and singles guys. You will need to pay a deposit for your bar tab/locker key which is £10 from 1st April 2016.

BDSM/Fetish Events –

These always run on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 8.30m until 3am. They are NOT swinging events and very little sexual interaction between strangers takes place, although partners will sometimes bring sexual play into their BDSM scenarios. These events are for those who enjoy the BDSM lifestyle and want to learn and share amongst a thriving community of fellow fetishists. We boast one of the best venues for BDSM equipment in the North and we have an authentic cellar dungeon with jail cells and a padded cell; you won’t find that outside of London!! At just £10 per person it’s a bargain and you will have access to one of the friendliest events on our calendar. They are consistently busy and so much fun! There is a minimum dress code of all dark clothing/fetish wear/alternative wear. You can find out more about our BDSM events on our dedicated website www.townhousefetish.co.uk





16 thoughts on “ABOUT OUR EVENTS

  1. Hi my names Owen, clean, athaletic 6ft2 single well hung mixed race man from Liverpool would really like to be involved in greedy girls 🙂 x


  2. We were looking for details of the over 50s days/evenings/whatever. Not been to a club before and as a mature couple this may be the best intro to a club, not being out shone by the beautiful and young.


  3. just been reading your informative reviews,and would love to come along to a couple of the events,can you please tell me,can i join on line,or am i better off coming along on one of said nights with I.D


      • When you do hold a bi mmf night I would love to come. Also would like to come for many other events. I am single bi female .


      • Hi!
        Sorry I have been on holiday and only came back today! We hold bi events occasionally but our bi guests tend to just come on Saturdays anyway, so there is no real need for us to have special events. As a single female, you are welcome to come anytime, just arrive early for your first event and bring photo ID, i.e. a driving license xx


  4. Hi I’m looking to explore swinging and I think townhouse seems to be place to start but I’m quite shy and nervous as I’m not a skinny girly lol,are ladies aloud to were robes (sexy one of course) thanks x


    • Hi!
      Sorry for the delay; I have been on holiday and only came back today.
      Our members represent the general community and are not all size 10 and under 25! So please don’t let this worry you and you will find that this lifestyle works wonders for your confidence. Yes you are fine to wear a sexy wrap/robe; whatever makes you feel sexy really 🙂


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